We are excited to announce  our church will move into PHASE TWO, beginning June 14. Our decision to move into PHASE TWO is based upon the loosening of restrictions from our state and recent updates from the CDC.  Here are the things you need to know.

  • No E-tickets required!
During Phase Two, we will continue to operating at a 33% seating capacity for each service. We will not require an e-ticket for attendance. Don't worry about signing up...just show up! 

  • Victory Kids is open! 
Victory Kids will re-open on June 28 at the 9:30 service only.  We will have touch-less check-in and will be checking temperatures at the door.  Everything will be sanitized before and after services. We will not be wearing masks or asking children to wear masks. If you choose to attend the 8am or 11am service, be sure to bring your tablets and earphones so your children can enjoy our virtual Victory Kids experience. 
  • Sit where you like!
Please allow our greeters to open all doors for you (with the exception of restroom doors). When you enter the building you may enter the worship center and sit where you like. You will no longer be guided by ushers. 
  • Cafe is Open! 
Our cafe will be open! We will gladly serve you a cup of hot coffee! However, we will not serve food items. 
  • Giving
We encourage everyone to give using one of our online options (text, app, website). If you wish to give by check, please visit one of the giving boxes located at different locations throughout the campus.
  • Interaction with others
    Please practice safe social distancing. Please refrain from using handshakes, giving hugs or any other personal contact. Instead, wave, smile or say hello! Although you may feel comfortable shaking hands, many people will not, so please help us make everyone feel safe.