Amber has been a member at Victory Hill since 2007. She has been married to Roger since 2009. She is a full time middle school teacher in Warren County, and is very involved in Victory Kids. Looking at Amber and her beautiful family, you might never guess the struggles she had growing up.

“There was a point in my life when my parents took us to Church every Sunday and Wednesday. My Dad drove the Church bus. We had Bible study at our house every Monday night and Saturdays we handed out tracts.”

Her parents were very hard workers, and tried to instill that work ethic into their 6 children.

“There was a time when my family felt really strong and connected with each other. At a Church revival when I was around 10 years old, I gave my life to Christ. My siblings and I were all baptized together.”

Amber’s father then believed he was called to preach, and she can only explain the coming events as her father running from God.

“My parents started using drugs regularly. I can remember doing announcements at Church and I knew he was high. My dad lost his job and started making meth in our shed. For him, he got more of a high from the power of making and selling it than he did using it. It took over my parents lives. After seeing her parents going backwards and running from God, some of her siblings had their own struggles and followed their parent’s path. I kept going to church even when my family stopped going. Church was my refuge.”


The church she attended at the time, had a program called “Prayer Families” for the students who were attending church without their parents. “Every time something crazy at home happened because of drugs, I was gone to something with my prayer family or doing something with church. I never had to feel a lot of what my siblings felt being unsafe in our home with all the people coming in and out. My Church family taught me how to rely on God. They were always there for me through all the troubled times The Church helped my mom find a placed when she left my dad and event helped pay the bills until my mom got on her feet again. There was a time after my Dad got out of jail that he was clean and he was able to walk me down the aisle at my wedding.”


Amber’s family still struggles, and her father, along with some siblings, did not stay clean. She has seen her family in and out of Church over the years, as they continued to struggle with addictions. “I decided I did not want that kind of life for me or my family. I know my parents love me, but they were blinded because they chased the next high and the power they felt making and selling drugs.”


Amber continues to see the hand of God moving in many areas of her life. “Almost 4 years ago, God helped me through a job change as I moved schools and grade levels. I was devastated and distraught when I found out a math position had to be cut and I was the last to be hired. God knew His plan and I ended up teaching at the school I attended when I was younger. I am blessed to have great coworkers who are there for me in times of need like a family.”


“Roger was in a car wreck about two years ago. He was driving home in the rain and went around a curve too fast making his car flip three times. His airbags did not deploy and by God’s Grace he walked away from the wreck with no injuries besides some cuts and bruises.”


While so many people struggle to break the cycle of addiction in their families, Amber did. “By the grace of God I was able to get out.” She and her husband Roger have a beautiful daughter, and currently have custody of her niece as her sister continues to struggle with addiction. Amber is a miracle, and is still praying to receive a miracle in her family as well. “I am blessed that I am here.  My desire is to see my daughter and my niece both grow in God. They love coming to church, it’s one of their favorite parts of the week.”


“My husband and I are blessed with a church who allows us to serve and share Jesus with kids every week. Our church family has been by our side through the loss of a job, deaths, health problems, and so much more. I also had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Guatemala with my church and experience God’s Love and compassion in a whole new way. Experiencing the love people have for God when they have so little and have been through so much was a reality check for me. I am so very thankful for what God has brought me out of and blessed me with. I know he has great plans for me and my family.”